Apple Earth Day

Apple has been Carbon Neutral since 2020. By 2030, all their products will be too. Our goal when creating this project was to create an educational moment through a Snapchat AR experience.

While I was at The Players' Tribune, My role shifted from being a Visual Designer to a Product Designer. As the start-up expanded, so did the story and TPT was now a product first company. Below is a showcase of explorations, live deliverables and visual executions for a wide range of projects. Each section is divided with a brief explantion and a break down explaining the procress. Hope you get to enjoy and please visit for more!

Apple Watch is the first direct-to-consumer product that enabled customers to take an electrocardiogram from their wrist and now, it’s only on Series 5. Our mission is to deliver that message, through the wrist.

Company: Apple
Role: Senior Designer
Year: 2022

Agency: Apple Inc.  
Role: Senior Interactive Designer
Year: 2020

Client: The Players' Tribune 
Agency: The Players' Tribune  
Role: Designer & Product Design
Year: 2016-2019

Agency: Apple Inc.  
Role: Senior Interactive Designer
Year: 2020


Prove Apple's commitment to designing the carbon impact out of everything Apple products by 2030 through an interactive VR experience.
The campaign spreads awareness on a variety of touchpoints from, environmental reports, and executive tweets. For educational moments, our primary focus was an interactive AR experience on Snapchat.


Drive awareness to the younger generations active on Snapchat. That is roughly 60 miilion users. We would do this through a variety ways of marketing, but our primary goal was an immersive AR experience showcasing our environmental product innovations.
Attaract attention and initiate engagement quickly with users.


Our team ranged from Creative Technologist, Motion designers, Copy and Directors. We began to layout the overarching flow of the experiece with mid-fidelity wires.
We started to create a mid fidelity flow that was quick, intuative and informal. Once we created a happy state flow, the team and I began to look into complications and blockers that we would bee to solve when designing the 2D elements of the experience and intigrating more of a branded component.


Through the process of design, we held daily internals to review motion, design, and funtions. When we delt the designs fit the story, our high fidelity designs were implemented into the experience.
Working closly with our team, we always checked on feasibility and implementaipon constraits. Multiple stories needed to be represented though the experience, so staying consistent and holistic to Apple was a big consideration.


The experience consisted of multiple stories  - all in which varied from long, mid and short. Our goal was to stay consistent on look and feel no matter the weight of the story. We explored a variety of ways to contain the individual stories building a flexible bento module. 
Using an eyebrow for catagory felt like a great way to ground each story. We also looked at ways to intigrate imagery, icons and multi image usage. The challenge we had was making the stories feel short, readability quickness for the plateform it was living on.
When the modules were built and tested on device, we had to create some rules and governence around each of the bento cards. While spec'in these components, it helped our creative tech when he was implementing them into Lens Studio.


The campaign showed strong time spent with the Lens. Those who were served the AR Lens on Earth Day, significantly out preformed time spent benchmarks. Those BMs are provided from Snapchat based on similar lens experiences. Interest with the Lens drove more than 120k shares and resulted in over 463K earned impressions.

Primary KPI

Average Play Time

AR Lens: 22.23s (vs 8-11s BM)

Quality Visit Rate
22.48% (vs 20% BM)

Secondary KPI

Share Rate - Lens Only

.86%  (vs .30-.50% BM)

Save Rate - Lens Only
.07% (vs .08% - .10% BM)

Some cool tweets and where you can download the Lens:
Tweets about Apple Earth Day

Download the Lens -- here

Interactive Outcome

On Earth Day 2022, Snapchat launched the filter for the world to interact with and have them learn about the import message Apple is promoting.


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