SignTime is a new service designed to connect Apple Store and Apple Support customers with on-demand sign language interpreters. This enables customers to communicate with AppleCare and Retail Customer Care by using American Sign Language (ASL) right in their web browsers. Customers visiting Apple Store locations can also use SignTime to remorley access an ASL interpreter without booking ahead of time.

While I was at The Players' Tribune, My role shifted from being a Visual Designer to a Product Designer. As the start-up expanded, so did the story and TPT was now a product first company. Below is a showcase of explorations, live deliverables and visual executions for a wide range of projects. Each section is divided with a brief explantion and a break down explaining the procress. Hope you get to enjoy and please visit for more!

Apple Watch is the first direct-to-consumer product that enabled customers to take an electrocardiogram from their wrist and now, it’s only on Series 5. Our mission is to deliver that message, through the wrist.

Agency: Apple
Role: Lead Interactive Designer
Year: 2021

Agency: Apple Inc.  
Role: Senior Interactive Designer
Year: 2020

Client: The Players' Tribune 
Agency: The Players' Tribune  
Role: Designer & Product Design
Year: 2016-2019

Agency: Apple Inc.  
Role: Senior Interactive Designer
Year: 2020


Create an In-store and Online service to help individuals who use ASL to communicate and shop for Apple products. The ask was to deliever this experience for Global Accessibility Awareness Day. 
When a user is shopping Online, they have the option to chat with a Specialist. The specialist can direct the user to, Sign with us online. When the user clicks that option, SignTime is loaded for the user to begin to sign.


The goal of SignTime is to increase accessibility for customers who communicate with ASL, and creating comfort in knowing that they will have adequate assistance when shopping with Apple.
Visuals here are showing a customer connecting with sign language interpreter during her Online shopping experience.


Our team created a full branded experience that involved; creating the name, icon, full experience and interpreter uniforms.
Working with our copy team, we narrowed down multiple names -- ran them past our internal creative team and landed on, SignTime as it felt most on brand with the overarching ask. When building the app icon, we wanted to stay in the realm of Apple branded apps, but also stay aligned with the overall messaging of siging creating a universally known symbol of a hand signing.


When designing the flow for this experience, we needed to keep in consideration that there was 2 modes of Signtime. The first being Customer Mode, and the second being Employee Mode.
Customer Mode is when the customer connects directly to an interpreter through Store Mode. This requires the help from a blue shirt specialist, but the process is seamless.
The difference with Employee Mode is, Store Mode is turned off and the employee signs into thier Apple account. They have the ability to browse the directory within Apple employees. The key differentiator is the ability to connect to multiple services in the directory if the customer needs further assistance than just buying / learning about an Apple product.


Customers with the disability are now aware of the service of SignTime and are currently using it in-store and online. The experience of SignTime is being delivered globally to France, Canada and other geo locations.

See the Current Service Here:
SignTime with Apple


Solid Crew

ACDs - Jeff Whitney, Maria Ho, Oliver Albrecht
Copywriter - Sandra Lind
UX - Jae Won Chang
Sr. Producers - Kristie Ko, Jess Chung
Sr. AD - Sebastian Bettencourt
Sr. Designer - Kris Gross

And of course, a strong Engineer team and many others who had thoughts and details :) 


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