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Pricing app is tool designed for varies products in-store. The purpose of the tool is to help customers learn a deeper understanding about features and values of products while in-store. It's purpose is to aim to create a deeply immersive experience for better understanding of the product. For Watch Pricing App, we explored various way to amp up the experience by envolving an existing one.

While I was at The Players' Tribune, My role shifted from being a Visual Designer to a Product Designer. As the start-up expanded, so did the story and TPT was now a product first company. Below is a showcase of explorations, live deliverables and visual executions for a wide range of projects. Each section is divided with a brief explantion and a break down explaining the procress. Hope you get to enjoy and please visit for more!

Pricing app is designed for customers to learn and interact with products while in-store. It's purpose is to aim to create a deeply immersive experience for better understanding of the product.

Agency: Apple
Role: Lead Designer & Art Director
Year: 2022

Agency: Apple Inc.  
Role: Senior Interactive Designer
Year: 2020

Client: The Players' Tribune 
Agency: The Players' Tribune  
Role: Designer & Product Design
Year: 2016-2019

Company: Apple  
Role: Lead Designer & Art Director
Year: 2022


Create a solution that integrates the Why Watch bento experience into the existing Watch Pricing app that lives in-store. Ensure customers understand that Apple Watch Ultra is included in the watch series, and not seperate within the Watch Pricing App. 
The original experience did not explain unique features of the Apple Watch ( Why Watch ), which made it difficult for customers to make a decision to purchase without being informed. 


The Primary goal of Why Watch is to help customers learn services and demp products. Secondarily, we wanted to offer a way to differentiate between series while showcasing the benefits upfront and spotlight the new Apple Watch Ultra.
With this new layout -- the user now has the ability to tap into each tile and become informed about the benefits of Apple Watch.


We created a universal focus on the benefits of Why Watch by creating an interactive experience that provides more in-depth information as the user taps into each tile. We also looked at simplifying the top nav to be more focused on Why Watch first.
User has the ability to deep dive into each of the 5 categories representing Apple Watch. We also included a pillar showcasing Apple Watch Ultra.


Each tile has an in-depth story about each feature being represented. We built the system to include up to 4 modalities where users can engage and read more about the specific feature.
User tapped into Apple Fitness and Apple Watch Ultra. The user can interact with each icon above the copy to change the story and read deeper about each feature.


After approval with Product Marketing, this new interactive experience now lives in all Apple Stores, including geo locations around the world. Data is pending on preformance, but Apple Watch sales are at an increase this year and feedback is being implemented for next season launch. 

Epic Team

ACDs - Amarides Montgomery, Maria Ho, Oliver Albrecht
Copywriter - Rob Thiemann
UX - Robin Comita
Producers - Amy Nguyen, Kristie Ko
Designer/AD - Kris Gross

And of course, a solid crew of engineers :) 


WFHRockaway Beach, New York

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