Out of the Favela
A short 60 sec clip about Adriano De Souza and his love for the ocean.
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Client: The Players' Tribune
Photo/Video: Jed Jacobson
Video: Kris Gross
Editor: Kris Gross


Kai Lenny and his foil board
Kai Lenny was awarded waterman of the year in 2019. Before he was crowned we were lucky enough to capture his uniqueness on the water. Have a look at his "Hydrofoil"

Client: The Players' Tribune
Photo/Video: Megan Mcnally
Video: Kris Gross
Editor: Kris Gross

Storm Stella | NYC 2017
Storm Stella hit the east coast in 2017 and shut the city down. When I heard that NYC was on lockdown, I grabbed my camera and hit the streets. Shot on iPhone using slow mo style.

Video/Editor: Kris Gross
Title Animation: Kris Gross