Art of Mastery

The Art of Mastery is a series where we collaborated with 3 different athletes who have all mastered a special skill set. Through this we designed a title and end card to bring the campaign to life. The athlete we focused on first was, Nigel Sylvester as he explains the perfect barspin. 

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YEAR: 2018
AGENCY: The Players' Tribune
CLIENT: Hennessey



Gotham celebrates the attractive and unassuming lettering of the city. Since we filmed in New York City, I decided to use Gotham as the typeface of choice. With slight manipulation, I was able to create negative space and blend the organic shapes of the bike with the geometric style of the city. This gave a sense of balance for the wordmark. 

Art Of Mastery_Hennessey_Color-01Art Of Mastery_Hennessey_Color-01

Staying true to a soft color palette allowed us to be sophisticated and minimal. This allowed the branding to be dominant and become the main focus. The motion was inspired by the organic circle of the bike wheel, opening up the possibilities from the mastered skill. With the help of a little motion we were able to make this series cohesive and branded. Which then tied the whole series together. 

"My barspin is unique, because I make it look good."

- Nigel Sylvester

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