A reimagined press conference for the digital/social age, connecting fans and athletes directly.

Verified will provide a modern refresh for the dated press conference format, giving athletes a platform they embrace and fans a place to connect directly with their favorite players. Verified will be fueled by fan questions submitted using the TPT Twitter handle during the game  as well as live throughout the Verified stream, giving the interaction a fresh look and feel and energizing fans and athletes alike. Exclusivity and timeliness is the key, with our in-season featured athletes saving their insight, reactions and timely takes for this forum. The Q+A format will be broken up with short pre-produced segments featuring our subject and his/her teammates behind the scenes.

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YEAR: 2018
AGENCY: The Players' Tribune
CLIENT: Twitter


Design & Animation

The design and animation is to help replicate the voice of the athlete and to be match a similar aesthetic as Twitter. This way the sponsored content feels comparable and premium. One of our athletes’ quotes, "The biggest thing for being an athlete is the fans can hear our voice, not be able to hear it through the media, or just not being filtered through the media," "I think that's the biggest thing. You can hear straight out of our mouth, no filter allowed.” 


Next Project

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