Interactive Explorations

We prototype to explain, as well as explore the possibilites of pushing the limits. Within each project, exploration of interaction is a crutial part of discoverability and finding exciting ways to captivate your users and create a lasting memory of your product. From Micro to large scale interactions, this is such an enjoyable part of the process.

While I was at The Players' Tribune, My role shifted from being a Visual Designer to a Product Designer. As the start-up expanded, so did the story and TPT was now a product first company. Below is a showcase of explorations, live deliverables and visual executions for a wide range of projects. Each section is divided with a brief explantion and a break down explaining the procress. Hope you get to enjoy and please visit for more!

Apple Watch is the first direct-to-consumer product that enabled customers to take an electrocardiogram from their wrist and now, it’s only on Series 5. Our mission is to deliver that message, through the wrist.

Company: Variety
Role: Sr. Interactive Designer | AD
Year: 2019-2022

Agency: Apple Inc.  
Role: Senior Interactive Designer
Year: 2020

Client: The Players' Tribune 
Agency: The Players' Tribune  
Role: Designer & Product Design
Year: 2016-2019

Agency: Apple Inc.  
Role: Senior Interactive Designer
Year: 2020


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