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Our goal was to re-think the current Global Samsung Experience. I teamed up with the talented NYC crew and tackled different tracks of work that ranged from marketing to transactional materials from early UX phases all the way through the execution of UI. These types of deliverables varied from PDP’s, PCD’s, PF's, and an overview of how users engage with their Samsung Account. With quick turnaround times from client, we worked around the clock in collaboration with the team in Korea. Below are some examples of what the team and I worked on over the past year. 

While I was at The Players' Tribune, My role shifted from being a Visual Designer to a Product Designer. As the start-up expanded, so did the story and TPT was now a product first company. Below is a showcase of explorations, live deliverables and visual executions for a wide range of projects. Each section is divided with a brief explantion and a break down explaining the procress. Hope you get to enjoy and please visit for more!

Apple Watch is the first direct-to-consumer product that enabled customers to take an electrocardiogram from their wrist and now, it’s only on Series 5. Our mission is to deliver that message, through the wrist.

Agency: Razorfish  
Role: Senior UX | UI Designer
Year: 2020

Agency: Apple Inc.  
Role: Senior Interactive Designer
Year: 2020

Client: The Players' Tribune 
Agency: The Players' Tribune  
Role: Designer & Product Design
Year: 2016-2019

Agency: Apple Inc.  
Role: Senior Interactive Designer
Year: 2020



Refresh a global brand experience
that is currently being used by over a billion ( with a b) users while maintaining the overall voice that Samsung is protraied as.


Team Collab 

There were multiple teams across five time zones, untold numbers of stakeholders domestic and abroad, and a colossal undertaking to consolidate all the instances across the globe.

It was a 24-7 operation, and we used video handoffs, embedded New York designers in Korea, and had many calls late into the night. The bulk of this all happened during Covid, but thankfully we could move things entirely online to get it all done.


88+ Global

The redesign is currently rolling out to all of Samsung's markets worldwide. This in all is over 88 global markets.


Revamp Overview

The strategy was to tackle the designs in two phases. We began with wireframes, base components, and styles. Each wave consisted of hundreds of designs for wires, pages, components, and sections. The journey takes you through a wide range from transactional to marketing pages. Those pages include Product Catagory, Product Finder, and Product Detail pages. We also took a deep dive into the overall My Account page for a complete customizable expereince. Our team designed all the templates and compents in collaboration with global team that was based in Korea.

Shared Toolkit

Global Design Elements

Refreshing the Global Accounts style wasn't an overnight task - although we had complete design cycle that worked around the clock. Our team in NYC built and managed a large portion of the styleguide with foundation and framework iterations. Duotone, a larger shop in Korea managaged the Sketch Cloud library on their end. The process for collabortaion was tied together thorough communication as it enabled consistency across the enitre global team. Collaboration was key.

Holistic Overview

Mobile first approach

Mobile-first was the methodology we encompassed throughout the project. Components were designed and prioritized there first, with then re-consideration for tablet and desktop.


My Account 

Through the journey of pages that we created, My Account was one of the most challenging, yet rewarding. Working closley with Strategy and Content, we created a brand new Landing page experience that deep dives into a fresh look for a wide range actions within your Account page.

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Product Family

Product family templates are the top of the rock for product lines. Think of home appliances as an over-arching family of products.


Product Category

These pages contain the categories of a family of products. Think refrigerator category in the family Home Appliances.


Product Finder

Once you're in the zone for a particular product, you can start to hone in on the one you need using the various filtering tools on this Product Finder page.



The NYC Team

Group Creative Director
Creative Director         
Associate Creative Director

James King
Joey Castillo

Jason Bishop
Mamthaz Sinha, Amisha Doshi, Elric Caponsacco

Nate Williams, Katlyn Huang
Raju Dave, Jess Luszcz, Sam Stringer, Mike Regar
Dasol Jung, Sergio Reynoso, Ryan Harvey, Jeremy Grant


WFHRockaway Beach, New York

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